The World Famous Wheaton Illinois All Night Flea Market (August 19 – 3pm to 3am – Dupage Co. Fairgrounds) is pleased to welcome back actor Butch Patrick, perhaps best known for his role as Eddie Munster on the hit comedy television series The Munsters (1964-1966), and as Mark on Sid and Marty Krofft’s Lidsville.

Munster Koach
The Munster Koach is the family car prominently featured on the show and is 18 feet long. This vehicle is actually a hybrid of 3 different Ford Model T bodies and a custom hearse body.

It took 500 hours to build the Munster Koach because the 133″ frame, brass fenders and brass radiator were all handmade.

DRAG-U-LA was made for an episode of The Munsters in which Grandpa Munster has to build a vehicle, so he could win back the Munster Koach in a drag race.

These cars will also be on display with Butch August 19th!

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