Grayslake Illinois Late Night Flea Market May 26, 2018

This year’s Late Night Illinois Flea Market is set for May 26 at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, Illinois.

“I’ve never seen people buy so much stuff. You never know what you’re gonna find. It’s like a treasure hunt on steroids,” Zurko said.

“People like to go out on Saturday night and have fun and do something different,” he said.

Classic cars will be parked outside, and as day turns into night, floodlights will be turned on to help people see. But Zurko suggested bringing a flashlight.

Meet former Bears Player Doug Plank from 7pm to 9pm! 

Deadgar Winter – Horror Host from Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics will also be on hand to meet and greet guests!

“When you’re looking at merchandise on the tables, there are a lot of shadows,” he said, and the flashlight helps you see the items better.  There will be indoor and outdoor vendors.

Late-night shoppers are attracted to certain items, including, for example, repurposed items such as old push lawn mowers that have been repurposed as garden decorations, Zurko said.

Vendors also bring a lot of what he calls shabby chic, such as an old kitchen cabinet painted white with green and red doors.

“People like to buy those types of things,” he said, “And it’s fun. They haul it out by the truck loads.”

The evening flea market also features such vintage pieces as old advertising signs for soda companies and other nostalgic businesses.

A food stand will offer hamburgers and other concessions.

Late Night Flea Market

When: 3 p.m. to Midnight, May 26, 2018

Where: Lake County Fairgrounds, 1060 E. Peterson Road, Grayslake

Tickets: $7 adults; children under age 12 free.  Free parking.

Information: 715- 526-9769;

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