The Age of the Geeks

The Age of the Geeks (AoG) is a Cosplay Group out of Chicago Illinois. It was established when creator Rob Fury met with two friends, Ken Seli and Nikki Moscinski, at a house party thrown by Fury and that sparked the formation of the group. It extended to add Samuel Meadows, Rudy Hernandez and Alessandra Foley to create the 6 person team that started throwing “Geek Culture” events in the Chicago area gathering over 150+ people to each event.

Currently, AoG are now 14 members strong 

(Christine Diep, Josef Benjamin Lim, June Rivas, Nick Jakus, Jesse Alcozer, Rick Maurer, Jenny Hale) with Graphic Designer Chris Ross, AoG Lifestyle Manager Waylon Chao. AoG hopes to expand to have members from coast to coast and host events that will be talked about by everyone in the years to come!

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