The Lady Glamorstein is the gorgeous creation of the once famous cosmetic surgeon gone mad, Doctor Danich Von Glamorstein. Rising from the dead in 2010, The Lady Glamorstein was to be his ultimate vogue creation. The Lady, traveled the world alone, doing photoshoot after photoshoot.. leaving a trail of wide mouthed spectators in her path.  Everything was great for The Lady..except, she was alone. She, like her father, was an incredibly intelligent and skilled craftsman. One day in 2012, she set out to create a mate. Meticulously sewn together from the corpses of some of the most beautiful dead she could find, Frank Glamorstein was born. Out of passion and longing for something more, he rose from the grave, so serve at her side, as the King of all Monsters. Finally, the beautiful monster had her mate, and their love was electric. She no longer had to travel the world alone and it was GOOD!

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