The Thrill of Bargain Hunting
Nothing beats holding an item in your hands and forming your own opinion on its condition.

Then there’s the thrill of bargaining. Many vendors will haggle with you over the price. Have fun bargaining and then tells us about it. We always want to hear about the great deal that you just got.

Finally, there’s the joy of taking it home today. No waiting for it to be delivered. No worrying if it is going to be damaged in shipping. You can take it home and begin using it now.

It’s not just older items that you’ll find. We get all kinds of vintage flea antique market vendors.

Some flea and antique market vendors are selling items like estate jewelry, vintage clothing, art work, antique furniture, mid century modern, advertising, vintage items, and much more. Some our small business vintage flea and antique market vendors are seeking to grow.  When you shop at our Wisconsin Illinois and/or Michigan Flea Markets –  you are encouraging small, local businesses, and market vendors. This improves our economy and makes life better for everyone.

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